Israel Debate



This House Believes That Israel is a Force For Good in the Middle East

Speakers in Proposition:

  • Lord David Trimble - Co-founder of Friends of Israel Initiative;  awarded Nobel Peace Prize for helping secure peace in N Ireland
  • Richard Perle - Assistant Sec of Defense under Pres Reagan; Specialist in US-Israel relations
  • Alan Mendoza - Co-Founder & Exec-Dir of Henry Jackson Soc promoting liberty & human rights worldwide

Speakers in Opposition:

  • Peter Tatchell - Leading British political campaigner and supporter of an independent Palestinian state
  • Baroness Jenny Tonge - Former LibDem MP now a member of the House of Lords
  • Anna Baltzer - National organiser of US Campaign to End Israeli Occupation
  • Ghada Karmi - Frequent contributor to The Guardian and The Nation

This Debate will be preceded by an Emergency Debate at 7.45pm