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The Legacy of The Arab Spring

Civil uprisings and mass protests swept the Arab world in early 2010, forcing the rulers in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen from power.  Two years on, there remain unanswered questions about civil resistance and state censorship.  Has the Arab Spring successfully achieved what it set out to?


FerjaniSaid Ferjani  -  Senior member of the Nahdha party of Tunisia, Ferjani is a former political prisoner, having been exiled in the UK during the Ben Ali era.  He is now an adviser to the Justice Minister



DavidsonChristopher Davidson - Author of 'The Vulnerability of Success' which was named Book of The Year by both the New Statesman and the London Evening Standard.  His new book, 'After The Sheikhs:  The Coming Collapse of the Gulf Monarchies', has been listed as one of Foreign Policy's Top Ten Books on the Middle East from 2012 


HellyerH A Hellyer  -  Particularly prominent voice of authority on Egyptian politics, Hellyer is a fellow of the Brookings Institute and a scholar on Europe and the Middle East.  He focuses on majority-minority relations, security issues, and relations between the Muslim world and the West


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